Our Services

Heat treatment, drying

Our drying chamber allows drying as well as heat treatment of 35 m3 of lumber, according to the ISPM15 standard.

Chemical treatment

Anti wood decay treatments against fungus in an 8 m3 capacity bath.

Packing design

Upon customers’ special and individual demands, the most suitable packing material is chosen and the most proper crates, wooden boxes or palettes are produced.


Our transporters allow goods transportation from 1 ton to 24 tons. Our 24 ton transporter is equipped with a self-loading crane.

Excavation work

Our excavation machine park includes heavy machines for ditch digging, landscaping, road work and land preparation.


Our profile also includes logging work. Using wood dragging winches, we are able to execute normal technology logging.

Truck scaling

With our weigh bridges, up to 80 tons of weight can be measured. After each scaling, an authenticated scale ticket is issued.