Lumber work production

Our modern sawing machine park (mechanized frame saw, horizontal saw, milling machines, lumber planes, formatizing circular saws) makes us capable of the annual turnover of processing 5000 m3 raw material.

Lumber products for building industry:

  • lumber beam
  • roof slats
  • louver
  • building lumber
  • wooden floor elements with processed or unprocessed edge

base material: pine

size: standard or individually designed

Lumber can be planed or soaked.

Crates, palettes and palette elements:

base material: pine


  • palettes are standardized (1200x800), but can be designed on individual requests
  • crates are designed to the size of the goods shipped, and the demands of the customer

In case of international transport, palettes and crates are possible to be heat treated in accordance with the ISPM 15 standard.

Viticultural, vine-growing related lumber


base material: oak, wattle and turkey oak

size: from 20x20 mm section up to customer specified sections. Length 300 mm up to customer specified length.

Dyed and undyed marking poles

alapanyaga: pine, oak, wattle and turkey oak

size: From 20x20 mm sections up to customer specified sections and length

Other lumber products:

Any base material available by us is subject to be processed according to individual requests. Customer designs are welcomed.