We have been in service of our customers since 1991. Our facility is located in Bükkszenterzsébet, a nearby village to the town Eger, Hungary. Our production is mainly focused on the following fields:

  • lumber work including sawn lumber in customer specified dimensions
  • shipping and packing material like crates, wooden boxes and palettes
  • viticultural, vine-growing related lumber
  • poles (dyed or undyed)
  • firewood

Besides production work, we also provide the following services:

  • logging
  • excavation work
  • anti wood-decay treatment against fungus
  • heat treatment according to the ISPM 15 standard
  • logistics

For base material pinewood, oak, wattle and turkey oak are used, imported from Slovakia. Besides domestic wholesale trade, we also export to foreign countries mostly to France, Spain and Slovakia. In order to get a more comprehensive overview of our production and services visit the other menus of this website as well. Should you be interested in any of our services, we are glad to take your requests through the contact menu.

Tarnafa KFT.
21 years in service of our customers